Does Johnson Controls have a dividend reinvestment (DRIP) plan?

The Johnson Controls Automatic Dividend Reinvestment and Common Stock Purchase Plan makes it possible to buy stock paying nominal fees and commissions and conveniently reinvest dividends to acquire additional shares.

Can I buy Johnson Controls stock through the company?

Securities and Exchange Commission rules do not allow the company to sell its stock. However, our agent, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., administers the DRIP. This DRIP makes it possible to buy stock paying nominal fees and commissions and conveniently reinvest dividends to acquire additional shares.

Click here for more information or to enroll in the plan.

Do I have to be a current Johnson Controls shareholder to join the dividend reinvestment (DRIP) plan?

You do not need to be a current Johnson Controls shareholder to join. Through the Plan, shareholders and non-shareholders alike can buy stock paying nominal fees and commissions. There is a one-time account setup fee of US$10.

I live outside the United States. Can I buy shares through your dividend reinvestment plan?

Yes, our plan is open international residents. Residents outside the United States have 10 to 30 percent deducted from their dividends for Non-Resident Alien (NRA) tax. An international agreement between your country and the United States specifies the exact tax amount deducted.

Are there any fees for purchasing stock?

There is a one-time account setup fee of US$10 for new accounts. You will pay an investment fee and brokerage commissions when purchasing or selling shares under the DRIP. See the Fee Disclosure Table in the DRIP Prospectus for information regarding these fees.

I bought my first shares through the Johnson Controls stock purchase plan and I am reinvesting my dividends. Where are my shares?

Your shares of Johnson Controls stock are held in the Company’s Automatic Dividend Reinvestment and Common Stock Purchase Plan (DRIP). This type of ownership is called book-entry shares. Our transfer agent, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., will send you a statement whenever dividends are paid and each time you make optional cash investments.

How do I change the registration of my stock?

Adding a name, removing a name, changing the form of registration or any other changes to your stock must be handled by our transfer agent, Wells Fargo Bank. The requirements are found on their Web site. You can write to them at: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., P.O. Box 64856, St. Paul, MN 55164-0856. Additional information can be obtained by calling the automated Wells Fargo telephone line: 1-877-602-7397.

What should I know about stock certificates?

Your stock certificate is your purchase evidence of ownership in Johnson Controls. Whenever you receive a stock certificate, it is important to review it carefully for accuracy. We recommend certificates be kept in a safety-deposit box or other secure place, since replacing the certificates can be costly and inconvenient. Also, stock certificates are negotiable documents and should only be signed upon a sale or transfer of ownership.

What is a Signature Medallion Guarantee?

This is required to guarantee the signature of the registered shareholders whenever stock is transferred to a new registration. Make sure all registered holders sign the back of the stock certificate or a Stock Power form. Have the signature(s) guaranteed by a participant in an approved Medallion Signature Guarantee Program. Most major banks and brokerage firms are members of this program. There usually is no charge for this service at your bank. The signature of a notary public is not acceptable.

What if I lose my stock certificates?

If your stock certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed, you should notify our transfer agent, Wells Fargo, immediately so that a stop transfer can be placed on the certificate. Wells Fargo will send you the forms necessary for issuing a replacement certificate. There is a premium charged, approximately two percent of the market value of the shares, to purchase a replacement indemnity bond.

How do I change my address?

Write or telephone our transfer agent, Wells Fargo Bank. If you have signed up for Internet access, you can do this at the Wells Fargo Web site.

How do I consolidate duplicate accounts?

You can end up with a duplicate account for many reasons, some as simple as an incorrect middle initial or no middle initial on one of the accounts. Contact our agent, Wells Fargo. They will check your duplicate accounts and guide you through the requirements for consolidating these accounts.

How do I eliminate duplicate mailings?

You can eliminate duplicate mailings to the same household by contacting our agent, Wells Fargo.

What are book-entry shares?

Book-entry form of registered ownership allows you to own shares without having physical stock certificates in your possession. Our agent, Wells Fargo, provides a statement of your account.

What are the advantages of book-entry shares?

Book entry shares eliminate the problems associated with paper certificates such as storage and safety of securities. Book-entry shares also eliminate the requirement for physical movement of stock certificates at the time of sale or transfer of ownership.

What is the Direct Registration System?

Direct Registration System (DRS) is a convenient service that allows registered shareowners to maintain their shares in book-entry form without the need for a physical certificate. You retain full ownership of your shares, as well as the right to receive all corporate communications, dividends, annual materials and proxy material mailed directly from the company.

How do I know how much my shares are worth?

Numerous Web sites and all major daily newspapers print the summaries of share trading activity occurring on the New York Stock Exchange. The ticker symbol is "JCI." 

Will the value of my shares change?

The price of Johnson Controls shares changes many times each day. Over time, the price of each share may increase or decrease significantly. Many factors influence the share price. Because the value can change, we encourage you to carefully consider these factors whenever you decide to buy additional shares.

What about dividends?

Cash dividends on Johnson Controls common stock have been paid consecutively since 1887. Our Board of Directors determines the amount of the dividends. Whenever the Board declares a dividend, we issue a news release and distribute it over the news wires. The news releases can also be found on our Web site. If you are participating in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan, your dividends will be used to purchase additional shares.

I lost my dividend check. What should I do?

Contact our transfer agent, Wells Fargo, for a replacement check.

Do I have to pay taxes on my dividends?

In the United States, dividends are taxed as ordinary income in the year they are earned and must be reported on personal income tax returns. U.S. citizens will receive a Form 1099-DIV in January. Residents of other countries have a treaty rate percentage deducted from the dividends for the Non-Resident Alien tax if you have a signed W-8BEN form on file at our transfer agent. The treaty tax rate is higher if you don’t submit a W-8BEN form. As long as you are a shareholder, every three years, Wells Fargo will send you a new W-8BEN to sign and return. You can obtain this form at the Wells Fargo web site. For tax purposes, non-U.S. residents will receive a Form 1042-S early in the year.

I lost my 1099-DIV form for taxes. How do I get another?

Contact our transfer agent, Wells Fargo, for a replacement 1099-DIV form.

How do I sell my certificated shares?

Contact a stockbroker to arrange the sale of your shares. The broker will require the stock certificate(s) to complete the transaction. If you have shares in our Direct Registration Plan or our Dividend Reinvestment Plan, please see additional information below.

How do I sell my book-entry shares?

You can sell your shares through the following ways: Stockbroker -- You can sell shares held in the Direct Registration Plan or the Dividend Reinvestment Plan by requesting a certificate and going to a stockbroker. Also, you can ask your broker to electronically transfer shares from Wells Fargo using the DTC Profile System. Our Agent, Wells Fargo Bank -- Wells Fargo normally processes sale requests the day after receipt. The request can be mailed or faxed to Wells Fargo. Telephone sales can be processed for anyone with an established PIN number.

How do I set up a PIN number to sell shares over the telephone?

Contact Wells Fargo for the form to set up telephone transactions using your PIN number.

What are the fees to sell my book-entry shares through Wells Fargo?

There is a $15 selling fee plus a brokerage charge of $0.10/share.

How do I calculate my gain or loss from the sale of shares for tax purposes?

The gain or loss on the sale of stock is the difference between the price you paid for the stock (also called the “basis”) and the selling price. With DRIP plans, it is common that you would have a different basis for each and every transaction. When you sell your shares, it is necessary for you to know the basis of the shares in order to calculate your tax loss or gain.

Does Johnson Controls know the basis of my shares?

No. Neither the company nor its agent, Wells Fargo, has this information. If you purchased shares through the Johnson Controls Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plans, you can find the basis of your shares by looking at your quarterly statements. It is important to retain this information for as long as you hold the stock. If you do not make any stock purchases after Sept. 30 in a year, retain the Sept. 30 statement, which contains the complete year’s history.

NetBasis provides a service to help shareholders calculate the cost basis of their common stock. Click here for more information.

What if I did not keep my statements for the shares purchased in my dividend reinvestment account?

For information beginning May 2001, contact our transfer agent, Wells Fargo. They will provide you with a current year’s statement at no fee. Fees will be charged for Wells Fargo-maintained information older than one year. For information prior to May 2001, you must contact our former transfer agent, U.S. Bank, Corporate Trust Services, Fourth Floor, 180 E. Fifth Street, St. Paul, MN 55101. There is a fee to reproduce this information. U.S. Bank will be able to advise you on the cost of this information.

I have my shares at my broker. Whom do I contact?

When you retain your shares at your broker, they are maintained in the brokerage firm’s records. You will not be a registered shareholder on Johnson Controls records. This type of registration is call a "street account." You must contact your broker to make any changes to your Johnson Controls stock.

What if I have more questions?

Information on Johnson Controls stock is covered in our Shareholder Information booklet. This booklet is available from our Shareholder Services Department at 800/JCI-6220 or 414-524-2363 or from our transfer agent, Wells Fargo.

What is the address and telephone number for the transfer agent, Wells Fargo?

By mail: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., P.O. Box 64856, St. Paul, MN 55164-0856. By delivery service: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Shareowner Services Department, 161 Concord Exchange, South St. Paul, MN 55075. The telephone number is: 1-877-602-7397 (toll-free).

Does Wells Fargo have an Internet site?

The Wells Fargo Web site is located at

Can I print or download a copy of the Annual Report to Stockholders and Proxy Statement?

You will be able to read the Annual Report to Stockholders and Proxy Statement online and print a copy of the documents.

What is the mailing address for Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls, Inc., Shareholder Services X-76, P.O. Box 591, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0591.